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Book of the Month

So one goal that I set for myself in 2020 was to get back into reading and I succeeded with that goal. Reading has always been a big part...

Self-Care Strategies

Be honest with yourself....are you carving out time for self-care for yourself? Well how do you expect to do so without a plan in place?...

The Art of Crying

"Go in the bathroom and clean your face"-Keith B. Dowdell Sr. Yeah, those words rang in my head almost everyday whenever I felt like I...

Self-Care=Mental Health

Self-Care =Mental Health At what age did you learn about mental health? I didn’t learn about the full extent of mental health until I was...

Why Self-Care?

Everytime I log into my social media, pull up an article, or even watch a YouTube video self-care is the talk of the town. With self-care...


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