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60 in 60: Self-Care Sundaze Edition

I don't know about you all, but I am so excited that outside has been opening back up and our numbers are dropping. It gives up time to go outside and start crossing things off of our New Year's resolution list. I myself am very proud of the some of the things that I said I would do this year, but of course it got off to a slow start. The time has come to put my gears into overdrive. I was inspired by someone I follow on Instagram to create a list similar to the list she has created; her list consist of 90 things she wants to do within the next 90 days. I want to do 60 things within the next 60 days; I chose 60 days because I want to get it done before we officially cross the threshold of fall. Below is the list that I have created of my 60 in 60:

  1. Watch a sunset from high point

  2. Take a aerial/ acro yoga class

  3. Take a pottery class

  4. Go hiking somewhere new

  5. Visit a greenhouse

  6. Go on a road trip (short one)

  7. Visit Ohio again

  8. Go to a rooftop restaurant

  9. Have a outdoor girls movie night

  10. Visit a farm/orchard

  11. Go get a spa treatment

  12. Have a kid-free staycation

  13. Go to a winery

  14. Taking a cooking class

  15. Go on a family trip to the beach

  16. Backyard camping

  17. Watch Star Wars

  18. Girls trip (even if it's here in the city)

  19. Film a podcast (at least 6 episodes)

  20. Host a lunch and learn

  21. Do a community event for kids

  22. Create a mini cookbook

  23. Partner with another creator

  24. Start writing my own memoirs

  25. Take a virtual business course

  26. Cook a 3-course meal for my mom

  27. Re-decorate bedroom/"home office"

  28. Watch Game of Thrones

  29. Start sticker shop on my website

  30. Create my own summer cocktail

  31. Go on a dressy date night

  32. Paint vases found at Goodwill

  33. Make a glowing skin juice or smoothie

  34. Braid my own hair in box braids

  35. Film a documentary about my grandpa

  36. Have a mommy/daughter date

  37. Go to a new farmers market

  38. Make a charcuterie board

  39. Enjoy mimosa flights

  40. Try sushi

  41. Make a chai latte

  42. Take kids to see baby chicks

  43. Ride a horse

  44. Make a new kind of dessert

  45. Meditate at a park

  46. Go to a vinyl shop

  47. Go to a black owned art gallery

  48. Bonfire

  49. Go to a sunflower garden

  50. Lay in a hammock

  51. Go fishing

  52. Have a family water fight

  53. Go on a boat ride

  54. Visit a bakery

  55. Go to the Garage Food Hall

  56. Take a dance class

  57. Write a letter to my younger self

  58. Get a passport

  59. Save ($$$)

  60. Cook myself a celebration dinner for completing this list

And that's all folks. If you have any tips, suggestions, or even recommendations for any of the things on my list please feel free to share them with me. I love to try new things. I want to see any of your list as well if any of you all are doing something similiar. Thanks for reading as usual and enjoy some self-care. :)



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