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So one goal that I set for myself in 2020 was to get back into reading and I succeeded with that goal. Reading has always been a big part of my life starting as a young child and has followed me throughout my lifetime. This year I wanted to continue with that goal, but be more specific with my goal. The goal I set for this year was I want to read 50 books, minimum, by December 31, 2021. Now this number may freak a lot of you out, but I know this to be very true that a person will make time for what they want to make time for and I have done that with my reading. I have also incorporated audiobooks into my reading time as well.So, when I'm doing things like driving, cleaning up, grocery shopping, or things of that nature I can still get some reading time in. This is what made me decide to blog about my favorite book of each month. It may help someone who is looking for a new book to read tap into their love of reading.

The way that this will happen each month is I will wait until the end of the month, of course, and fill you in on all the books that I read over the month and then do a brief review of why I chose the book I choose as my favorite. So, let's hop in. The books that I read this month are:

-The Coldest Winter Ever By: Sister Souljah

-Midnight By: Sister Souljah

-My Sister, The Serial Killer By: Oyinkan Braithwaite

-Barracoon By: Zora Neele Hurston

-His Only Wife By: Peace Adzo Medie

-The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours By: Jill Scott

-Training School For Negro Girls By: Camille Acker

That is a total of 7 books. I can truly say that none of these books left me feeling dissatisfied about reading them; they all touched a different place for me and 5 out of the 7 books I own the physical copy or the e-book for my collection. This selection of books was very hard for me to pick a favorite because they were all really good to me, but someone has to be the winner. So, the book that I chose as my book of the month went to Midnight By: Sister Souljah.

For those of you who have read The Coldest Winter Ever By: Sister Souljah then you are no stranger to the character Midnight. The book Midnight goes into depth about Midnight's (Bilal Ode) back story. It talks about when he first moved to the states from his home country of Sudan with his pregnant mother. This book follows him from the age of 7 all the way until he is 14. Now, for those of you who have read The Coldest Winter I know that after reading that last sentence you are wondering why up until 14 when in the The Coldest Winter he is grown, well that is because there are two other books that follow up this book. So, don't get ahead of yourselves lol.

Midnight's story is to heartfelt and well disciplined. As a young Muslim boy, he is now living in the projects of Brooklyn and everyday he is fighting to remain in his Muslim ways that he has always been raised in. His mother speaks no English and his father was still back in Sudan, so he is the man of his house and has to act accordingly at the very young age of 7. And time goes on he becomes accustom to the ways of New York and learns a lot along the way. He handles at the finances, the security, the business, and while doing all of this he is homeschooling himself. Talk about having focus and dedication. His life isn't just all work though; he joins a martial arts gym, has a crew of friends, and as he ages the young girls around him are very fond of him.

What makes this book my favorite out of all of the others that I read is the fact that his movement through his life is like the ways of a well trained man. His love and dedication to his family always came before anything else, period. He never did anything without thinking it through. Even though they lived in the projects the way he described their apartment and his families life you would think they lived on their own plain within their four walls. One of the best parts of the book for me other than that is the fact that he gets married....yes, I said it MARRIED. At the age of 14, he marries a young lady that is not of the same culture or nationality as him and she doesn't speak English. If you haven't read this book then that was a totally spoiler alert, but that statement alone should really make you want to jump up and go and read this book.

You can find this book at almost any bookstore, on audiobook platforms, the e-book, or you can pick up a copy from your local library. If you can support a small business owner who has this book please do so. I hope that you all enjoyed this blog and look forward to my Book of the Month for February. As always thanks for taking the time out to read this blog and enjoy your Self-Care Sundaze.

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