• Devin

Hey Sis! An Ode to Self-Care Sundaze

As I open my eyes on Monday Eve, you are ready for me. Your sun peeks through my room curtains and announces itself: "It is I, Self-Care Sundaze!". You request some of the most delicious dishes upon arrival from shrimp and grits, to artisan-style french toast to bottomless mimosas and that's ok, because after all it is your day.

As you watch the little ones run around you pay them no mind, see this is your time to unwind. Doing loads, upon loads, upon loads of laundry doesn't seem like a crime....Nope, it's a reason to have unbothered and unlimited TV time. Writing out all of your to-do's and grocery list are all part of the plan as well. Hell, I might even fancy a nap for you.

I get all of this tedious work done early cause like Drake says, "I come alive in the night time". As the house calms down so does my racing mind. Drinks are poured, and the wine is red. I lay my robe down on the bed. I tip-toe to the bathroom to run my bath and candles are always a must.

I get my device ready to relax in the warm water while watching "Girlfriends"; I might even juice it up and bring in a grazing board for my pleasure. Now once my belly has had enough laughs and body has been flushed of all my tasks and worries of the day I will proceed to massage in all the positive oils and serums.

Liquid Blueberry Kush softens my skin and prepares my body for that premium silk robe that I adore. I cleanse my face, lips, mouth, and escape to the plushest thing I know, my bed. Bonnet on tight I lay my head on my pillow all while laying a pillow on the right side of my body for cuddles. Ceiling fan on and lights out... until next time this Self-Care Sundaze is complete.

Don't be sad though...see, in 7 days you'll be back for more.


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