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How To Maintain Your Self-Care During the Holidays

We are in the midst of the holiday season and many of us are still stuck in quarantine. For most people we look forward to this time because it's usually when your family will come together. Did you know that depression is at its highest during the months of November and December? People who feel like they don't have that loving support have a difficult time during these months and it's hard. The stress of presenting your best self or even the financial bearings of gift giving can take a toll on lots of people. This is why I want to provide some tips and suggestions for you all.

  1. Have a virtual celebration- We live in a time where we have access to things like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, and many of other virtual calling apps and programs. Just because you can't physically be with your loved ones during this time, doesn't mean you can't interact with them. Setup a call and reach out to all of your family and let them know that you have setup a day and time when you all can log on to talk to each other and share a meal or have a cocktail hour virtually and just enjoy yourself. I have done this with some of my family and it was extremely fun. We got to share laughs with each other and just being able to see each others face and hear each others voices put the cherry on top. Now ours included taking birthday shots, but that's neither here nor there lol.

  2. Join a group via social media- Many of us have various social media accounts whether that be through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media apps. This is a opportunity for us to makes friends with others who have similar interest and you don't have to feel like you won't mesh well together. I have joined plenty of groups dealing with various topics from self-care to gardening to even my love for books and literature. I know that most of the groups that I am in have live calls where you get the opportunity to talk with others in a group or even just seeing their faces give you some interaction with others where you don't have to feel alone. I have made plenty of new friends through social media that live all over the U.S. and we talk to each other like we were just hanging out yesterday, lol. I am very grateful for these relationships that I've build. If you're not familiar with groups or haven't done any I urge you to do so and see what you find.

  3. Enjoy a quiet night alone- Don't think when you read this that this defeats the purpose of feeling alone and depressed because sometimes we need to be alone in order to reset. I myself truly enjoy the times when it is quiet and I am doing a independent activity. Reading is my go to outlet and it helps because reading isn't a group activity so I can easily not feel obligated to ask others to join me lol. Spending time alone gives you to opportunity to reflect on things that you have done or things that you want to do or change about yourself. Doing this with a glass or wine or even a nice warm drink is a huge plus :)

  4. Volunteer- Extending yourself to others can make you feel good about yourself. Some of us think that we have it so bad, but even like I instill in my children, there is always someone who has it worse than you. This doesn't make your problems any less important, but taking a moment to give back to others will help you to alleviate some of your worries and concerns. If you are unsure where to volunteer you can search online; there are lots of homeless shelters, animal rescue centers, food kitchens, and even shelters for women and children that are always looking for help.

  5. Journal- Voicing your thoughts to yourself is always a good thing, which is why I advocate so much for journaling. Doing something as simple as a brain dump each day can help you to get all those thoughts that are weighing down your mind out of your head. Take the time out to journal as much as you need whether that be in the notes on your phone, on loose pieces of paper that you have laying around, or even writing in a actual journal (which you can also purchase from my Self-Care Sundaze shop). Save your journals and store them away once you've filled them up. This can help with your self-care and self-love later on down the road.

Don't let the holidays get you down. There is always something to be learned and observed in these times. Life is not a straight road; it is a road filled with curves and slopes so try your best to go with the flow of the road. As always thank you for reading and I hope to have you all come back for the next. Have a great day and always remember, it doesn't have to be a Sunday to enjoy a Self-Care Sundaze.

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