Welcome to the Struggle Bus

Updated: Apr 10

Welcome to the Struggle Bus....where the road is always bumpy :)

Before we get started let me address the elephant in the room; I haven't had a blog post since August of last year. I would love to say that is because I've been out here exploring the world and flourishing like a bed of roses, but I would be lying.

I've been riding on this long, yellow struggle bus that has taken me on a whirlwind of adventures. It clearly loves stopping where the weather is usually wet and gloomy. I feel like I've been on this bus for so long that I don't know how to get off. Over the past several weeks I've done so much binge eating, crying for almost anything, staring at the wall and simply being in airplane mode, but I'm at the state where enough is enough and my mood is slowly changing.

I ran across a guided meditation called Morning of Ease by Jasmine Marie, founder of the Black Girls Breathing community, and I can honestly say that it has helped me have a reset in the mornings to start my day when I am having a heavy day and it hasn't even made it to 8:00 am and I know I'm not the only one who has had moments where they feel this way. I remind myself that my sadness does not define me. This statement that she makes in this meditation are the bars that we all should be reciting to ourselves each and everyday...and it has truly eased me out of several funks.

Beyond that morning mood shifter I learning how to take some of duties and laying them back to my family. One thing that a friend of mines taught me was that I have to give my children a task and make them responsible for it and I tried it and it honestly helps me for at least once a week. I pick a day each week that my older boys (ages 13 and 11) are responsible for making dinner for themselves as well as my 2 younger children (ages 7 and 2). Most weeks they simply make nachos and that is fine with me because all I do is micromanage plating and clean-up and it gives me time to simply do whatever I want. Most times it me just sitting on the couch do absolutely nothing which for moms doing nothing is doing something. :)

This day is usually the day that I do my solo date nights in the house. I will do a separate blog about solo date nights, but the idea is to have moment to do something alone for yourself and not do anything else; close everyone else off like you are the only person in the world. This helps me get to re-meet myself all over again and the things that I truly enjoy and make me happy. As the weather gets warmer I will have more range of solo date nights cause I will be able to do more outside things.

The biggest purpose of this blog was to bring awareness to the fact that it is okay for us to step away from what we are doing with our lives to give ourselves a break from reality. Life will continue to go no matter how many bumps you hit on the struggle bus and it's okay to let people acknowledge what is going on in your life because it simply shows that no matter what you are doing in your life and amazing people may think it is we are all still human at the end of the day and we deserve a break. Are you ready to get off the struggle bus and begin to re-learn who you are and how much you mean to this world? Join me as I make my way off the struggle bus and begin to flourish all over again.

As always have a amazing #SelfCareSundaze

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